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You will notice that we have discontinued with the plant list in our annual newsletter. Our plant selection changes from year to year and we feel that if we give you a list, we should have all the plants on it available to you.

There are quite a few new varieties this year along with our unique regulars. We have added to our list of lavenders. We carry quite a few tender lavenders. A lot of people do not wish to take the time to care for a tender plant - one that will not survive our winter if left out of doors. If you keep them in pots all summer, and just bring the pot in the fall, you will have no trouble having the plant survive the winter. They will bloom continuously in your house, and the smell is fantastic. When spring comes, out they go again. Lavenders are easy to care for as a house plant since they are not susceptible to bugs or diseases. We have a few new rosemaries this year also. One that we carried in a limited supply last year was Barbeque Rosemary. This rosemary has a light barbeque taste, great for grilling in the summer. We have a miniature rosemary for those of you that have fairy gardens or trough gardens. These are just a few of the new varieties we have. Come and enjoy browsing through our plants racks - we know you will find something just perfect for your garden or patio

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